About this blog

This blog is about family travel in the USA (mostly). We are from Melbourne, Australia and have decided to take an extended break from the daily grind. We juggle busy jobs with looking after our girls who are three and six. Sometimes, when I’ve done a full working day, cycled home in the heat, jumped in the car to pick two tired and grumpy girls up from two different places, cooked dinner, bathed them, put them to bed and done the chores, I do wonder if this is what life is all about.

We want to hang out with our kids while they want nothing more than to hang out with us. In a few years’ time, school will get serious, it will be uncool to be seen with your parents and friends will become hard to leave.

We also want to instil in them the love of travel that we both have.

This time last year, the barriers seemed insurmountable: “What about money?”, “What if M falls behind at school?”, “How will we rent the house out?”, “What if we lose A’s childcare place?”, “Will we be able to take that much leave and keep our jobs?” etc etc. But where there’s a will there’s a way and here we are, actually doing it!

We are spending four months travelling in the USA, followed by six weeks in the UK catching up with friends and family, then a week in Thailand on the way home (because we’ll need a holiday by then).